opening day at camp!

First Day of Camp, First Day of Camp! And I got to officially unlock and open our front gate!

The first stake girls camp started today, and after a month of hard work and long days at camp, we were ready to welcome in our first group (thankfully our home stake, so we know all of the people we are working with the first time around!). Today (for me) consisted of hanging out in the office with Sheba baby, the camp dog, while they paved the office parking lot (lot's of loud machines makes a very scared puppadog who just wanted to cuddle):

Gassing up all camp vehicles: our three trucks, lovingly named Goliath (the F250), Zeke (our '86 GMC) and Old Blue (our ancient dodge), along with the golf cart, tractor and the ATV.

Running around camp with Mom and doing errands, like bringing recycle bins to the dining hall, unlocking the health lodge and eating Papa Kane's amazing camp meals! (tomorrow is sweet rolls and Wednesday is PIZZA BREAD DAY!)

AND! Bishop taught me how to ride the ATV because I am no longer a risk to myself with this brand new knee of mine! IT WAS AWESOME! I AM OFFICIALLY HOOKED! AND! I loved being able to do something I never thought I would be able to do-I loved feeling LIMITLESS instead of LIMITED!

Serving at this camp is such a eye-opening experience and I am learning so much every day I am up there. I don't worry about things in my life when I am focused on helping out here. I feel so much love for the people I am working with, who teach me every day! 
And, I have the wonderful opportunity to go up to camp for the rest of the week and to be a REAL LEVEL LEADER for the 4th Years (I'm old enough! WEIRD!)

So grateful. So happy. So in love with my life.

This fight was so worth it. 

Dear 16-Year-Old Me, love Chelsie

Dear 16-Year-Old-Me,

I know you are facing some really tough stuff right now. I know that at times, you feel pretty hopeless and tired. I know how terribly scared you are and I know how sick you feel. I know you feel discouraged and heartbroken and at times, totally alone in your fight. I know about the tears you cry when no one else sees you, I know about the pain, both physical and emotional, and I know how hard it is for you to loose the use of your left leg and to become crippled. I know you don't think anyone will ever understand how you feel...trust me that I do.

I want you to know, and to never forget, that you are loved, and that the fight you are currently fighting will always be worth it. Your life is worth it. And I want you to know that you will make it through this battle, and come out a better person for it. Keep staying positive, despite every set back you face, including those week long hospital stays, the mouth sores, the infections and the fevers. Chemo is nasty and it will give you a run for your money, but you will finish it and your hair will grow back! Learn to love every simple and small moment you have, never take anything for granted and don't forget about the lessons you learn during this year. Get as involved as possible with the kids around you; even though you will experience the heartbreak of losing a lot them-they will change your life more then you could possibly hope to help them, and they will fuel your fire to keep fighting.

Be patient with your dad, he's doing the best he can while mom is with you. He loves you and worries about you and wants you to be okay. Tell Juli how much her friendship means to you often, because it turns out that she'll be the only true friend who sticks this year out with you. Don't worry about the kids in high school who forget about you or who just stay around because of obligation-they won't matter in a couple of years and you will care less about where they go and what they think of you. You don't need to value your worth on what other people say or think; you are the only one who can be a judge of that.

Listen to the doctors, because they know what is best, not you. Trust them; they are keeping you alive.

Work hard in school, even math, and especially English. Spend more time talking to Mr. Gaucher and Mr. Adams, because they will inspire you to major in English and to teach. Do not let anyone's comments about your limp, your cancer or your feelings get you down-they don't understand and they won't, so don't waste your breathe trying to explain. You will feel lonely, but remember that you aren't alone. Count your blessings, name your miracles and I promise you that after high school, it will all get better.

Go to the ocean often, drive with the windows rolled down and as much as you love Hamilton, remember that he is just a car and he won't be around forever. Don't worry, Dad keeps his promise and you will quickly fall in love with Cazz. Regardless, remember what those cars mean and represent to you and love them for that, not for the material possession that they are.

College is going to change your life and who you are. You are going to make some of the best friends you will ever have and you are going to fall in love (the real kind) with your best friend. You are going to really figure out who you are and who you want to be, and you are going to love yourself again, and even better, you will love yourself because of your flaws, scars and imperfections. You are going to look back on these years and see God's hand in this trial. Try to look for it now. He's not going to leave you alone to fight this by yourself, so don't be afraid to lean on him. He will never leave you comfortless.

Chelsabelle, I want you to know how proud I am of you and your determination to keep fighting the good fight. I know how hard it is to stay positive when your life is so drastically changed, but I'm glad you try your hardest to look for the silver lining. Keep choosing to be happy, and always remember that you are alive for a reason. Survivor's guilt is tough stuff, but focus on your purpose for being here and it will be okay. Never apologize for feeling things, you are human and it is your right. It's okay to cry about the things you have lost, but don't dwell too much on it. I know how tired your body is, but I promise you that when the time is right, and when the technology advances, you will have the opportunity to get most of your life back. It will be another long fight, but as always, it will be worth it.

You will never be able to turn your back completely on this year. You will always have to look over your shoulder to make sure you are still clear. But I promise you that one day, you will be thankful for this trial. You will see how it was necessary and needed to help you become who you are today, and you will love it for that. Hold on to that.

In five years, you will be walking limp free again and I know that seems utterly impossible right now, but it will come. You will be planning on teaching English in China and nothing is going to stop you or take away that dream. You will have the opportunity to support the love of your life on his mission in the most unusual circumstances, but you can do it and you will learn so much from it, so don't shed too many tears over it.

Your life is beautiful. You are beautiful. Hold on to what you know and stay true to yourself. Believe in miracles and you will see them. Say your prayers. Tell your family you love them. Write often and read even more. Learn languages. Set goals and then work hard to achieve them. This is YOUR life, and no one else's. You can do whatever it is you set your mind to and nothing will stop you or change that, not even cancer. I believe in you.

Love Always,


Guest Blog: Aisha

Meet Aisha, a super spunky and lovely lady from the West Coast! I've known who Aisha was since my first semester in school because of some friends that we had in common, and then I had the fortune to live across the hall from her for the last few semesters. She always said hi to me in the hallways, and that always made my day! She's currently preparing to serve a mission for the LDS church, which I find so inspiring! See what golden nuggets of life advice you can get from her letter to her 16-year-old self...I got a ton!

Dear 16 year old me,
First off, calm down and stop your worrying. You will soon find out, YOU WORRY TOO MUCH! You don’t need to please everyone and you will waste your time doing so. 
Next, LOVE YOUR FAMILY! Stop being so embarrassed by them and annoyed by them. They love you more than you know. Family is the most important thing and they are going to be there for you no matter what. Help your Mom, she will appreciate it. You don’t need to go to college to see how wonderful she is. Be patient, she is doing her best. Call your grandparents more, write letters, show your love. Don’t regret your relationships with your family. Right now it seems like your family doesn’t care but in a few years you will understand you have 4 parents who love you, (younger) brothers who will do anything for you, an amazing cousin you will talk to weekly with about books, movies, religion and so much more, and an Uncle and Oma who will come across the sea. They all love you and you love them. 
Stop holding grudges, they get you nowhere. Grudges will just make you worry more. There is a girl who will say some nasty things about you and break some of your friendships, don’t worry about her. We all know she is unhappy with herself and makes others feel that way.
When it comes to high school, live it up! Stop hanging by the vending machines with the stoner kids, judging people. You will learn a lot from them and appreciate the relationships you gain but you can get to know so much more. You aren’t going to be involved in school activities and you will regret it but you will get involved in college but still, get involved in school. Try harder in your German, Oma and Mom will appreciate it. You can have the gift of tongues, you doubt yourself too much. 
In 2007, your stake will go on Trek to Wyoming; this will change your life and testimony. It might now seem like you can make it in this world, but remember those pioneers, they did it so much to bring this gospel to the West. Your Young Women’s leaders love you and when they talk to you about your life, don’t take offense. They really want you to do well. Don’t stop writing because of that ONE lady in your ward, just because she is annoying doesn’t mean you are “sticking it to the man” by stopping. You will regret it!
You will get your license at 17 and two weeks later you get into a car wreck. Well, you back up into another car. Your parents will be very upset but its fine. Everything will be worked out; you just have a car for a while! (:
You are going on a mission, prepare keep yourself worthy. You won’t officially know until October 2010, but you are going! Your mom will fight it, some won’t understand. Just know that the Lord loves you, your Mom is going to come around, and you will get the money! Even at 21 you still don’t know what you want to do with your life but once again, STOP WORRYING! Stick to your goals. You want to run a 10k, get your motorcycle license, own a Pomeranian, and join the Peace Corps. After the Temple to Temple Relay you can do anything! Finally, your best friends will be made at school and they will support you in so much. You will cry, a lot and laugh even more. Just remember: forget regret, or life is yours to miss.
Love, Aish.


Guest Blog: Tara!

Meet Tara, who is one of the funniest, sweetest girls I've ever encountered. I've had the wonderful opportunity to really get to know her over the last two months and she's so great. She's super passionate about what she does and her sun-shiny outlook on life always impresses me! Here is her letter to her 16-year-old self and I learned so much from what she had to say.

Dear 16 year old me,

Hello from 20 year old Tara! Don’t worry… You haven’t gotten all wrinkly or gray yet, and in fact you still love all things ice skating and ice cream more than someone should. You’ve still only kissed that one boy and don’t worry, you’re okay with it! Some things have changed, and you’ve grown too. 

Don’t spend time and energy fretting over your family. Just work on strengthening your relationship with each individual member, and don’t worry about it being perfect and working all together like you wish it would. Just work on how you treat everyone. The divorce doesn’t happen until you’re 20, although I know you’re stressing about it happening any day now. Guess what the weirdest thing about it is? Things are better, and it’s actually happier. It was hard, and I know some days may be hard now that you’re 16 (some days at 20 are hard too), but it’s not your fault and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. Stop stressing about it. It’ll be okay. We have the greatest family. In 16-yr-old-ME lingo, Matt is pretty much amazing. Megan and her HUSBAND (yeah, she got married!!) are freaking awesome, and Jake is the best, fosho! Dad is stinking stellar. Mom is great. Life is awesome!

High school isn’t that bad. It’s okay to *literally* run out the door everyday to head to the ice skating rink (I know you do!). I get it. That’s the place you feel most like you. That hasn’t changed. Ice skating is so rewarding. You still love ice skating more than is humanly possible and you still spend every nickel and dime you earn towards it. If you miss one day of skating practices, it’s not the end of the world. Just remember that everyone in that high school has their own story, and try to really get to know people. No one is “cool”, no one is “out of your league”. Just be nice to everyone. 

Read your scriptures every single day. Do you hear me? Every single day. Eat healthy foods. Lift weights and get a trainer. This will prevent future injuries. Promise.

20 year old Tara is proud of you, little 16 year old Tara. You’re the best! I know life is exciting now. You can finally date and drive! Before you know it, you’ll blink and you’ll be legal and in college. It goes fast. I can’t tell you where you’ll end up for school, because finding out for ourself at age 18 was a strong testimony builder. ((Haha. Just as I was writing to you something came to me, I know you knew what the future held, but finding out and working hard to hear your answers from Heavenly Father is part of the plan. We’ve grown from working at receiving answers. So keep working at it! It strengthens you and makes you, you.)) Just remember, pray-pray-pray!!! Heavenly Father lives. He loves you. He wants what’s best for you. The atonement is real. Utilize it. 

You’re on the right path, you’re doing good. Try to enjoy every moment. Oh, and can you do me a favor? Keep a journal. I want to read all about our adventures.

♥ Tara

PS. You wish you were a dancer now... so, if dance classes even remotely sound interesting to you now, can you sign up? Oh, and I’m serious about getting a trainer. We don’t want you to break your back senior year or something from not having strong enough muscles to hold the impact of all your twisting at skating.


Guest Blog: Paige!

Meet Paige, from fjdklaf; so im paige. She's seriously one of my favorite reads in my little blogging community; and she's done some really awesome things with her life and I've learned a lot from reading about her adventures. She's got such a golden heart and such great fashion sense and I loved what she had to say in her guest blog letter. 

To my 16-year-old me,
I believe that if I had known four years ago what I know now, I’d probably be in a better place. I’d probably be more successful, and definitely a little happier. So to you, na├»ve, young, cautious me of the past, I impart upon you my thoughts, advice, and wisdom of what is to come.
Be good to Mom. She’s put a lot of time, prayer, love, and worry into raising you. Don’t let it go to waste. She doesn’t deserve all the times you’re disobedient or disrespectful. Say something sweet to her everyday and go out of your way to be helpful, loving, and kind. Be honest with her. Respect her rules, though you may think they are unnecessary, foolish, or begging to be broken. Make an effort to improve your relationship with her. Because one day, you’ll realize she’s the only person in the world who has been there for you always. And you won’t want to have jeopardized the bond you’ve built with her. Remember that she is on your side, and wants nothing but your happiness and well being.
Work hard, really hard. In Algebra 2 when Ms. Smith has gotten on your very last nerve and you’re sick of being a sophomore and want nothing but for the year to be over, don’t stop doing your homework. Because if you do, you’ll end up with a pathetic little D on your report card that will upset Mom, ruin your GPA, and get you grounded for most of the summer, leaving you without a car and without a phone. And junior year, make sure you kick butt in your AP classes. Because I’m almost certain that if you do, you’ll get into your dream school. Trust Mr. Sickel and try out for Select Choir when he tells you to, not a year later. It turns out you’re good (who knew?).
You know that boy in your Spanish class, the one who eats lunch with your group of friends? Well, you guys are going to become best friends. And then you’re going to fall in love. And when you get into a really big fight, don’t be too upset with him. If you do, your friendship and relationship will end. And you’ll both be hurt. Let yourself love him. He’s the real thing.
Call Grandpa as often as you can, just to tell him you love him. Because senior year he’ll be gone, and you won’t be able to tell him anymore. And when you have to go live with Grandma for the summer after your first year of college, be excited about it. Because you’re going to find out how great she is, and how much she loves you.
Don’t be afraid; of making new friends, of trying new things, of being yourself. Be nice to absolutely everybody. Even the ones who are mean to you. Because the best advice you’ll probably ever get is to “kill them with kindness.” And it works so much better than being mean right back. Keep that in mind especially junior year.
When you’re 19 years old, you’re going to go to Ecuador for three months to volunteer in the orphanages. So make sure you pay attention in Spanish class! I mean it; learn as much as you can. This experience is going to completely change your life. You’re going to serve with girls who end up becoming life-long friends. You’re going to fall completely in love with some of the cutest, most perfect children on the planet.  Enjoy every single day, because when you come home you’re going to want to go right back and you won’t be able to. And while you think you’re so wonderful for changing their lives, they’re going to end up saving yours.
Don’t worry too much, and don’t sweat the small stuff. But the most important thing to know is that life goes on. High school ends, memories fade, people you thought were your friends turn out not to be, and things get tricky sometimes. But life goes on. There is something bigger and better than right now. Live in the moment, but don’t forget to dream. Make goals, make plans, and think of the bigger picture too. These are nowhere near the best years of your life. So just hold on. You can do it. You were born for this.



it's a good day to be a New Englander

me: What's a canuck?
mom: isn't it a nut?
dad: they have sharks on their uniforms.
mom: I don't even know what a Bruin is
dad: it's a bear.
mom: I thought a canuck was a walnut
me: yeah, because that's super intimidating...playing against a team of walnuts.



Guest Blog: Symone!

Hello, dear readers! The name is Symone from The Thing About Icebergs Is..., and Chelsie asked me to do a guest blog. I am so honored that she asked me to do this! Anyways, Chelsie asked if I could write a letter to my 16-year-old self, so I did. I felt there were some things that needed to be said. :]

Dear 16-year-old me,

Why hello, darling! I know, this may seem strange to you, but I have a few things that I feel you should know. 

First off, it’s okay to not have a boyfriend. I know, I know. It seems cool to have one, but you JUST TURNED 16. Do you really feel the need to have one that badly? Trust me; it’s totally, 100% okay to be single. There really is a reason why the church has asked that teenagers wait until 16 to do group dates, and 18 to do single dates. But, even though you choose to not follow that advice given, it’s okay. You will eventually learn the joy in not having a boyfriend. You will do things for you, and you will see that you really CAN live without a boy dictating how you feel about yourself. 

Second, your parents are really looking out for you. You may not see it that way, but they do love you and only want what is best for you. You are at the age where you think you know everything, and that no one understands your point of view, but trust me. Mom and dad understand more than you think. You don’t have to fight with them over stupid things; they won’t matter in a few years. 

Third, there may be some people in the next few years that may do things to you that you never imagined happening. They may find ways to truly crush you and make you hurt in ways that you never thought you could never hurt. Believe me when I say that you will become stronger. You will be able to help those around you feel better, and you will be made whole once again. Trust me, everything will become better for you. 

Fourth, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! No matter what anyone says to you, or allows you to feel, you are a beautiful Daughter of God, and you will be treated as such eventually. Do not give up hope. Not everyone will treat you in such a poor way as you will be treated within the next few years. 

Here is the most important thing that I feel I can tell you. Do not give up, period. I know that there will be times where those things that you learned at Church won’t make sense, or will make you feel horrible. You will make mistakes, and you won’t know how you can ever get back to feeling like you really belong within the Church. Let me tell you something. You will ALWAYS have a place within the Church. Even if it’s a hard road to get back to that feeling, it will happen. You will never feel stronger in the Church than you will after going through all the trials and hardships that I know you will face. You just need to keep in mind that you are a Daughter of God, and He loves you. Even when you were doing all those bad things, He still loved you and wanted to help you. And, eventually, you will see that very clearly. Put your trust and faith in the Lord’s hands. He has a plan for you, and He will help you achieve that. I know that, at times, it may seem easier to go along with what the world wants of you, but that truly isn’t the case. The rules within the Church aren’t there to hurt you, or even to restrict what you can do. Rather, they are there to help you, and to allow you to stay safe.

Follow the rules. Know that it is TOTALLY okay to say no if you really need to. Even if people aren’t happy that you say no, it is okay. You are doing what you feel is right, and that is all that matters. Your life is beautiful, even if it doesn’t seem that way. You need the bad times in order to truly appreciate the good. Remember to pray always. Heavenly Father wants to hear from you, and you will receive the answers to your prayers. Trust me. While there may be crap people that come into your life in the next few years, there will also be so many great, amazing people who you will realize that you never could live without. They will help you more than anything, and will be there for you when you need them most. 

I love you. You have become a wonderful person, and I can’t wait to see what lies in the future. Keep your chin up, darling. You will do great things!




Dear 16-Year-Old Me

As a cancer survivor, this was one of the most powerful things I've seen in a while. It really hit home. As I watched it, though, I began to wonder what I would tell 16-year-old me, besides the cancer aspect. What would I warn her about? What would I want her to know? What are the lessons I've learned the hard way that I wish I could have warned myself about? And then I began to think about people I know, who have done incredible things with their lives, who have overcome adversity and I wondered what they would tell their 16-year-old selves. So, I asked.

Stay tuned this month to read my guest-bloggers and their letters to their 16 year-old-selves. I've already learned so much from the girls who've sent me their guest posts and I'm excited for you to read what each of these incredible individuals has to say.


Hello June

Although there are a few more days to go until it's officially summertime, the heat has finally kicked in here! Thankfully, the humidity hasn't come yet, but today was hot! I love New Hampshire in the summer, though. Everything about the way the cooler evenings feel, the sound of the ocean in the morning and the way the sun stains my skin and dots my face with seasonal freckles makes me feel alive and well.

June has already started off crazy; with physical therapy, china documents and of course, Zion's camp. My parents and I, along with the assistant directors and camp caretakers are all over the place, getting things ready for opening week at the end of the month. I'm telling you; there is SO MUCH that goes into an operation like running a summer camp. On Monday, my whole family and I, along with the Bratts, Kelly's, Meads and Yorks were at camp from 4-9, cleaning up the amphitheater, moving mattresses, fixing screening, locating fire extinguishers, organizing paper work, checking locks, and so on and so on and so on. I had an absolute blast; mainly because my sister and I got to drive around camp in the golf cart and I got to spend time with people who I adore to pieces, but there is still so much to do and there is a lot of stress at how big of a responsibility this is. I'll be spending tomorrow, Friday and Saturday at camp and I'll be back up there Monday afternoon as well. Sheila invited me to go back to the beach house next week, so I'll be there for a few days, and then it's back to camp next Friday and Saturday and so on and so on and so on.

So basically, I'm a busy bee this month and won't have as much time for writing and blogging. BUT DON'T FEAR! I've lined up some pretty awesome guest bloggers over the next month to keep you company. These girls are so great and passionate about life and they inspire me on a daily basis. I'm excited!

So. Here are some things about June and Me:

Current guilty pleasure: Hulu Plus. (did you know that you could get a free month trial if you sign up for it with your .edu? I've watched the entire second season of glee this last week, in between camp stuff)
Current color: Gold. 
Current playlist:
Coldplay-Every Teardrop is a Waterfall
Death Cab for Cutie-You are a Tourist
Matt Kearny-Runaway
OneRepublic-Good Life
T-Pain-Best Love Song in the World. 
Current read: I'm in the middle of Wurthering Heights. 
Current drink: Chocolate milk
Current food: Strawberries and Watermelon. Summer Fruits. 
Current favorite show: Glee. 
Current wish list: High top sneakers and feather extentions for my hairs.
Current needs: Just a sentence from my best friend. 
Current triumphs: Bending my knee to 90 degrees yesterday at PT.
Current bane of my existence: Wisdom Teeth. YOU SUCK!
Current celebrity crush: Darren Criss. Please sing to me. 
Current indulgence: Hair Dye and Pretzel M&Ms.
Current blessing: New Knee and Zion's Camp.
Current outfit: Grey shorts and green tank top.
Current excitement: Pool is almost ready for swimming
Current mood: Sleepy
Current link: See below post with cute child who gives the best pep talk. 



cutest kid ever.
exactly what i needed to hear before facing physical therapy tomorrow.


Spending days at Zion

The LDS church bought an old boyscout camp a few years ago and is turning into a camp to be used for girls camp that will serve all of the stakes in southern New England. My old stake president and his wife were instrumental in the purchasing of the camp and were the original directors until the sudden death of President P in March. My parents were recently asked to serve a service mission (a few weeks ago) and to be the camp directors of Zion's camp. There is SO much work to do to get the camp ready for the summer, including obtaining permits, fixing things up for state standards, setting up rules and guidelines for the stakes, general maintenance and organizing. So, needless to say, the family has jumped in feet first. Since my mom is still working at school and just finished seminary, I've been helping a lot with paper work, scheduling, emailing and such. Today, we went up to camp and I was in charge of opening up the office. There was a computer to get running, documents to be made and emails to be sent and files to organize. I was there for four hours and barely made a dent! There is so much to do and we open camp in three weeks!


As stressful as it is to realize that there is just so much to do in order to get the camp ready, I have already seen miracles take place as we go forward with faith to prepare this dedicated piece of land. I'm not even a set apart missionary, just a daughter of one, but faith and service is required of all of us, as a family, to make this succeed. I knew there was a reason why getting my knee replaced this summer and having to be home was right; and being able to play a part in serving all of the stake in New England by helping get this camp up and running is one of them. I already feel like I am learning so much by dedicated my time to this project and helping my parents. While cleaning out the office computer today, I stumbled across a few documents that President P had created, logging miracles that he had seen while working in the camp. It was such a strength to me and I felt so grateful to be part of the family chosen to continue this work.  I'll be spending most of my summer up at camp with my mom, helping run the office and driving around in the golf cart!


blonde for summer

No hair cuts for me. I am determined to have long, beautiful hair by the time Dustin gets home! So, in the usual "Chelsie can't control somethings in her life, like being able to walk, talk to her best friend or go to school, so she's going to dye her hair" fashion, I decided to go blonde for the summer. And I have to say that it's a fun change. I definitely don't think I could rock this look for a long time; but summer screams being tan and having freckles and sun-lightened hair anyway and hey, I needed a change.

I dye my hair a lot, but I do it for me and for no one else. It's just a way for me to have fun and be who I am...adventureous, spontaneous and live life to it's fullest! I've got a head of hair, so I'm gonna have fun with it! Who knows if it'll fall out again! Also, my hair is SO long these days! I love it. I'm determined to get it to Paige length someday, because she has beautiful long hair that she rocks in every way (curls, straight and messy buns!). Also, she has super great style. =]

Happy almost Summer!

don't panic.

because all the hurts and heartbreak have been put to rest a long time ago.
and being alive has never felt better.


hi-lites from today:

1. Symone: "I cried in the store because I was skinny."
2. Katie: "Ashley, it is your fault that I don't have any good poop literature."
3. Mom: "I'm going to pretend I'm shopping and you are going to text me."
4. Elysha: "I'm writing Sebasthian, what do you want me to tell them?"
5. Geoff: "I love you, and I know you can do it."


"Some people never go crazy. What truly horrible lives they must lead."