Life With Rosie

In case any of my old regular readers stumble upon this blog, I've moved (again). I started a new lifestyle blog where I document the things I cook, the things I craft, the books I read, and the adventures I go on with my husband and our darling pup, Rosie. Life with Rosie Lynn is my new corner of the internet and I hope you join me over there!


new chapter, same story

I remember when I used to be unable to go through a day without writing something in this blog. There and Back Again which turned into Into the Wild has been my safe place for the last five years, and looking back on all of the posts brings me some incredibly painful memories...and some absolutely beautiful ones too.

I have never been very good at keeping a journal. I probably have 10-15 notebooks scattered around my room back in New Hampshire that have a few pages written here and there. Most of my entries start off with something like: "so, I should probably write in this more..." or  "I need to be better at writing in here" but of course, I never stuck through with it. But I look back on this blog and I feel a bit more accomplished all of a sudden. This is my story, my life, my adventures. A collection of random musings, moments and memories. The last five years of my life chronicled through pictures and music and my feelings in concrete words.

I haven't written a lot here recently, and while it's been different, I think it's good. It's a sign that my life is moving forward, changing a bit and starting a new phase. Into the Wild was my own personal place for the last five years, but I'm no longer on my own. In fact, in just 2 short weeks, my life will forever be entwined with my best friend's. And it just seems selfish to me to exclude him out of my life as a writer and a blogger.

So, it is with bittersweetness that I announce that I will be closing this blog down. To those who have stayed by my side through these last five years; I can't thank you enough. You have given me support when I felt most alone and have helped me rejoice in my triumphs when I was surrounded by others. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

And I invite all of you to continue to follow my story, which now is a part of his, at our new blog Catching Up with the Carrs.  A new chapter of my life is starting; but the beautiful part about it is that it is the same story; only now, it is not just mine. It is ours.

Chelsie Caroline