Blog Roll

check out my friends and their adventures:

My best friend (and love of my life), Dustin:
meet Dustin here
and follow his mission journey in New England here

My hometown best friend and sister Julianna
meet Juli here
and follow her married adventures with her husband, Jordan, here

My roommate of two and a half years, Symone
Meet Symone Here
and read her blog Here

My brother and buddy, Geoffrey
meet Geoff here
follow his mission in Seattle, here

My West Coast friend, full of music and inspiration,Victoria

Follow Vicki's Mission Here

My Roommate of Two years, Jillise

Read Jillise's thoughts here

My California ray of sunshine, Alexandra

Read Alexandra's Markings Here

My blogging soul mate, Paige
Check out Paige's adventures here

My talented ice skating Tara
read all about Tara and her ice skates here

A fellow student, Awesome Aisha
Follow Aisha's mission adventures here