Hello, my name is Chelsie

Hello! My name is Chelsie.

I'm in love with my second chance at life and Into the Wild has become a refuge for my thoughts, emotions and adventures. I write about everything, the good, the bad and the beautiful.
You are welcome to stay and enjoy the ride.

Chelsie is the smell of sunblock and wild cherry car freshener. the taste of fresh cucumbers from the garden. cool strawberries rolled in sugar. she is the stumble over the front steps. chelsie is the indecision to call you. constant worrying. the ache in your left hip. She is long car rides down winding roadswindows down. music loud. chelsie is evening breezes and the fireflies that light up your window. the sound of the ocean rolling over itself. she is warm mugs of chamomile and the local on the 8's. The pile of ticket stubs shoved in your wallet. Hair dye stains on the bathroom counter. Chelsie is the red maple leaves that crunch under your feet. The late autumn sun; warm and gentle. She is too much sass and a handful of spunk wrapped into brown eyes and dropped R's. Chelsie is the deep breath before the storm. the giggle in the rain. crooked lines and uneven steps. She is the hope for better days. 

Hello. My name is Chelsie.