on days like today

I am grateful for a roommate who makes me laugh and who listens to me rant about wedding invitations. I am grateful for a car that warms up fast and for handicapped parking. I am grateful for a kind boss and for a job that I love and am good at. I am grateful for two legs, for a little sister who is safe back at home and for parents who are too good to me. I am grateful for my future in-laws and for my cute, sweet nieces and nephews. I am grateful for my education and my passion for teaching.

And I am so grateful for Dustin, who not only is the love of my life, but my very best friend. He listens to me, makes me laugh, supports me and lets me lean on him when I can't stand on my own. We have the best conversations and go on the best adventures and I love him more every day.

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Trent and Amber said...

Nice to just breathe and remember those simple things! :)