I have to take a moment to stop and reflect on how incredibly blessed I am right now. I'm super close to finishing my degree, I have an awesome job that pays the bills, I have a supportive family and I'll soon belong to another great one and I'm marrying the greatest person I know and the love of my life in about two months. AND! I'm finally moving up in the alphabet! No longer will I be stuck at the end with the Z's! I'll be up front, with the A's and B's! And, even better, I'll be next to him, forever stuck in the C's.

I really am the luckiest girl on the face of the planet.

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Trent and Amber said...

haha! seriously, it's true though, and I loved that I was the beginning of the C's with my first name. All about the front of the line! your kids will love it! lol